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Clam Shell Bucket
1) It is possible to unload in high place due to the low height 2) Surely center closing with install the gear in aside 3) Easy to change tooth (Plate type, Tooth type)
Single Point Ripper
1) It is available in ice land or rude soil where can't use bucket 2) It can be remove the stump and root, wook block 3) Excellent durability of abrasion 4) Easy to change tooth
Wood Crusher
1) Optimized design for any machines 2) Material lumber and cement,etc. can removal and crush 3) Using ‘SSAB HARDOX’ steel 4) Highest durability of abrasion and hardness,
1) It is easy to remove the stump,stone, sharp object 2) Need the optional hydraulic pipe line 3) Excellent durability of abrasion 4) It can be only used bucket install in excavator's boom when no using bottom side
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