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Scrap Grapple
1) Easy to unloading in high place due to low height 2) Structure is very strong and weight is minimum 3) Working Capacity is maximinized 4) Using ‘SSAB HARDOX’ steel 5) Long life-time 6) Prevent for external enviro...
Stone Grapple
1) Using ‘SSAB HARDOX’ steel 2) Prevent for external environment damage with inside connection to cylinder hydraulic hose 3) It is possible to use industrial waste processing
Hoist Grapple
1) Processing for industrial waste 2) Destruction by fire facilities equipment 3) Work number of persons and time shortening
Mechanical Grapple
1) For using in crushing material,dust, alien substance 2) Using special steel for long life time 3) It can be changeable by teeth of welding type 4) It can be operated both upper and bottom side 5) For suitable any ...
Wood Grapple
1) Optimized design for suitable any machines 2) Possible to change tooth 3) Every conditions are available
Magnet Grapple
1) Magnet attach and disattach type 2) Prevent for wrong operation with safety pin 3) Any steel can load with powerful of magnet 4) Using battery without generator 5) Easy to operate and install
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