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1. OKB breakers can install the AUTO LUBRICANT SYSTEM on the large size of breakers from OKB1500 upwards.
2. Supplied ready to use with hydraulic hoses, tool, N2 gas charging kit
3. Easy fitment onto any kinds of excavator
4. Durable body incorporating heavy duty rock claws
5. Perfectly matched tool and piston ensure maximum energy transfer to the material being broken
6. The hydraulic accumulator gives greater acceleration in the power stroke and reduces pressure peaks
    in the carrierhydraulic system

its grease cartridges ensures that
breaker tool bushes receive the
correct amount of grease during
operation. This makes the breaking
smoother and prolongs bush and
tool life.

OKB S2 version applies for ‘SSAB HARDOX’
material in lower part of bracket.
‘SSAB HARDOX’ will be able to protect
lower bracket from the breaking pieces of
stones during operation in job site.
The appliance of ‘SSAB HARDOX’ will be
also able to extend the life time of the
lower part of brackets.